Saturday, January 22, 2011

Foot's Forecast: Student Weather Forecasters Do An Awesome Job!

In the central Maryland region, I depend on the high school students from Foot's Forecast to predict the weather. They do a really great job making the science of weather easy to understand. Today, I am already looking forward to a possible "snow event" on Tuesday into Wednesday. In order to get detailed information about the weather that could cause a possible snow day,  I visit or their Facebook page.

About Foot's Weather Forecasting Team (Source: Foot's Forecast Website)
Seven years ago, Mr. Foot and several of his students started a website with an innovative idea to publish class weather predictions on the internet.

The idea started when Mr. Foot asked his class,
10th grade Earth Science students, to develop weather forecasts that could be useful for decision makers in the Baltimore County Public School system to read and utilize. That idea gave rise to "Foot's Forecast" in 2003-04, and then it took off: 4+ million site hits and 15 million+ facebook hits later, here we are about to embark on a national expansion.

Their forecasting has been there...through the ice storms of 2004 to the historic 2005 hurricane season, the "Valentine's Week" storms of February 2007 to the "beyond epic"  snowstorms of Winter present day. In January 2011, our team has 35 members in twelve states, has garnered regional and national media attention, and is a direct partner with the NOAA Weather Camp program. If you are interested in innovating your future, join our team and become the face of the place for weather in your state or county:
. Details on how to apply to our team are found on this application page.

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