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Stomp Out Bullying: Project Brave


This video is apart of Project Brave, and I'm completely honored that Action Item let me be apart of this. Brave is a song about being strong, not being afraid to be yourself, and showing everyone that you can be something. If someone is putting you down, you're being bullied, or just not feeling good enough, I hope this song can inspire you to break out and stand up tall. Never lose hope, this is your life, and you gotta be BRAVE. To help end bullying, purchase Brave by Action Item on iTunes. 
A percentage of the sales from "Brave" will be donated to STOMP OUT BULLYING.  -Alyssa Shouse

Alyssa is a former student of mine...I am so proud or her! Way to go Alyssa!

New Reality: College and Career Readiness

BYOD Classroom Management Idea

Bring Your Own Device classroom management idea!

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Fantastic Examples?

"Platform Agnostic?"



Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  
-Steve Jobs


Google Education

2 Great Books for 2013!

An effective framework for integrating comprehensive literacy or fluency (information, solution, media, collaboration and creativity) into the traditional curriculum to prepare students for a technology-driven and global culture.

Re-thinking Presentations.