As most of you know, the iPad is the perfect computer for people who don’t like computers. For someone just like my mom. For what most of these people need a computer for, the iPad is perfect. It doesn’t do as many things as a “real” computer does, but the things it does do it does in a way even non-tech-savvy people can figure out, and there are far fewer ways to make mistakes.

Picture mom, a beautiful woman in her seventies, who up until this month, had never: owned a computer, created her own email account, surfed the internet more than 10 times in her life and had said on numerous occasions she didn't see the need for a computer in her home... is now the proud owner of an Apple iPad with a wireless printer. In the last 3 weeks, my mom has zoomed into the 21st Century and has created her own email account, had a wireless network installed in her home and is now buying ebooks online. Simply, amazing!  Pop...what about you? Don't let Mom get too far ahead in this "new world" of information technologies.

Within my parent's life this month, the iPad has revolutionized and redefined computing in their world. I wonder where the iPad will take them as they both explore the internet and beyond.

Way to go Mom!  You deserve a big iPat (iPad) on the back. Just another reason why I am so proud of you. Love you!